Custom mold services

Plastic mold manufacturing process-FORD Front Bumper

Materail:SKD61 Tolerance Requirment:±0.02mm,Processing time:about 25 days, the telerance we can reach is±0.01mm The service that we can provide:1. The design and processing of complete mold 2. Processing of mold’s part like cavity ,core ,slide,lifter and most custom hardware parts. The customer that we have worked for is that second- and thirdtier injection molding suppliers who serving large companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. What kind of machine do we have ? 12 sets sodick of wire cut electircal discharge machine ,8 sets sodick of EDM machine,12 sets of CNC machines,8 sets of milling,13 sets of grinding and 2 sets of Carl zeiss coordinate measuring machine. Combined with the number of our machines, you can think about our supply capabilities. The other service that we provide during processing :1. Weekly schedule 2. Three-dimensional inspection report before shipment 3. High-definition photos 4.Good Payment terms .And we welcome you to come to China to visit our factory at any time. Our service purpose: We strive to cooperate with customers to reduce time and processing costs, eliminate the processing expenses of processing accessories/complete sets of molds, improve capital liquidity and improve production efficiency.

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